Globe-hopping… and Sarto’s Lineage

Sunrise over the palm-fringed coast of Puerto Rico; ivy-cloaked buildings vying with glass towers along Dublin’s river Liffey; ceiling fans whispering in the verandah of Singapore’s celebrated Raffles Hotel. From the islands of Puerto Rico and Ireland to Singapore and over the cities and water between, Sarto Group’s parent company has done contract work across the globe. Founded 16 years ago with headquarters on the Kansas plains, our parent company took the vision of one man in the early 1990s and parlayed it into engineering and design excellence for customers in the US and around the world.

A Company is Born

When those owners saw opportunity in the natural stone market, they were poised to move. Drawing on decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, Sarto Group was founded in Kansas in November of 2004 as a global distribution company. In the summer of 2005, Sarto’s management team traveled through quarries and processing facilities in the Philippines and India, followed by regular trips to Brazil and Italy’s stone regions. These intensive “on the ground” trips around the world have given Sarto an unparalled grasp of the stone market and a unique identity: a company with both mid-western values and a vision that reaches across continents.

Spokane… and the Road Less Traveled

Sarto Marble and Granite’s Spokane location was opened in November of 2005 and today continues to grow, adding customers in the Spokane metro area, beautiful North Idaho and across the Continental Divide to the rolling foothills of Western Montana. Sarto has distinguished itself in these markets with its friendly, personalized service; Grade A stone; delivery options; and its consignment program – the only supplier in the region to offer the supreme convenience of consignment to customers.

Uniquely Us… and Why That Matters to You

Sarto Marble and Granite is unique in its relationship to natural stone suppliers: Sarto purchases directly from the processor and each of the processors has been vetted according to an exhaustive equipment and manufacturing process checklist.

Sarto Marble and Granite is unique in its management style: looking first to the good of its employees, knowing that this will translate into excellence for its customers.

Sarto Marble and Granite is unique in its approach to business: believing that service comes before profits and donating as much as 10% of all profits to charitable organizations here and abroad.

Why should these things matter to you? Because you can count on Sarto for excellence of product, excellence of service, and true integrity – a company which says what it believes and stands by its beliefs.

What Now?

We invite you to partner with us in this marvelous adventure that is natural stone – putting God’s beauty front-and-center in every home and business for which we supply material. Come join us!